Burma gems - Sri Lanka gems - Yavorsky

Burma gems - sri lanka gems - yavorsky
Le nouveau livre de Yavorskyy, signé. 2 volumes.
Tirage à seulement 888 exemplaires, numérotés.
En anglais. 3kg
Amoureux des beaux livres, des voyages, des gemmes, n'attendez-pas. Un tiers des exemplaires vendus la 1ere semaine!
The new book by Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy.
Two lands. Two origins. One destiny. In the history of gemstones, these two names have always been crucial. The defining sources of all most precious treasures in all civilizations, a melting pot of monsoon nature, magma-heated tectonic plates and long-rooted history.
Ruby and Sapphire, Burma and Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Ceylon. If you choose only one continent to discover the spirit of gemstones, this would be your destination. If you choose only one source to indulge in this journey at the palms of your hands, this would be a new Book by Vladyslav Yavorskyy.
Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems. is a duplex dedicated to the most significant gem-bearing lands, their people, nature, history, culture, and the plethora of their Gemstones, above all.
Over thirty years of his gem-hunting life, Vlad Yavorskyy for a decade has lived in Sri Lanka where he opened his first overseas lapidary factory, and he has visited Myanmar over 160 times in twenty years, exploring the country from A to Z, collecting Burmese rocks from Agate to Zircon. With his personal attachment to the two gem terras and the characteristic personal touch in all his works, this project is Yavorskyy’s declaration of love to the places which defined the author’s mission and vision.
In these books you don’t expect to find a conventional choice of subjects and structures. Instead, you will find a revelation of feelings and memories, a witty play on words and images, a compelling maze of topics and philosophies. And above all -naturally - each single page will strike you with savory photographs and fine colored gemstones mined in Sri Lanka and Burma.
Burma and Ceylon are totally different countries with different energies, contents and layouts. That is why the artist of Vlad Yavorskyy portrays each Book with a unique color palette, priming the grandeur of landscape and history, refining the nuances of corundum shades, crystallizing the identity of his two gem homes.
The outside of the Books however is kept identical, so that it will become an organic continuation to the series of five collectable books by Vladyslav Yavorskyy. Finally, to highlight the unique nature of the project, the duplex book in the brand new format is printed in a limited edition: 888 sets only, each set numbered and signed. Order your copy now to receive the first numbers!
Yet third of all the books sold out in one week!
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